If you are part of the furnishing industry, be a part of us!


As the furnishing industry’s charity our mission is to educate for the future, support those in need and drive excellence. All our members are connected in some way with the furnishing industry, and bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts they are keen to share. Some are still forging their careers, while others are building and running major enterprises.

They could be designers, manufacturers, distributors, craftsmen, retailers, suppliers, lecturers, PRs, journalists; individual and corporate members, men and women, young and old.

What they have in common is their passion for the industry, great energy and drive, and a wish to give something back. They understand the importance of developing strong businesses, creating job opportunities and helping those in need.

Members underpin everything we do, helping us to do more to help our industry. See the links on the right for more information on how to join us.



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