Bespoke Guild Mark

Bespoke Guild Mark

About the Bespoke Guild Mark

The Bespoke Guild Mark rewards excellence in design, materials, craftsmanship and function for pieces made as single items or a limited run of up to 12.


Excellence in design, materials, craftsmanship and function. Is the piece, in both design and craftsmanship, exceptional? There are other matters to consider, for example

  • Are the materials, including the fittings and the finish, appropriate?
  • Are the materials from sustained sources? Items incorporating CITES listed materials will not be considered for a Guild Mark.
  • Does the design of the piece show innovation?
  • Are its proportions and scale harmonious?
  • Is it fit for purpose?
  • Will it last?


Pieces of furniture awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark are recognisably items of quality and excellence. To substantiate and promote this accolade, Guild Mark holders are entitled to

  • Use the Company’s Coat of Arms and the Bespoke Guild Mark logo (together) on any publicity material relating to each piece awarded a Guild Mark
  • Receive a numbered Guild Mark certificate which clearly states the names of the designer and maker (in itself a guarantee of the authenticity of the piece) and a unique enamelled disc to be fixed to each piece awarded a Guild Mark
  • Have a page on the Company’s website ( containing a link to their own site/s, their contact details, and a general description of their practice, with further pages for each Guild Mark that they hold. These pages are linked to categorised thumbnail images of all Bespoke Guild Mark pieces
  • Be entered, in most cases and without further application, into the annual competition for the Claxton Stevens Prize of £1,000 for the Bespoke Guild Mark piece judged to be the best of all those awarded in that Company year (May-April)

How to apply

An application form is available to download. Questions can be answered by Doreen Oddy, Guild Marks Manager manager by emailing or by calling 020 7562 8522.