Bespoke Guild Mark

Furniture Makers Crest Final Greyscale
The Furniture Makers’ Company is the livery company for the British furnishing industry. Our vision is for a thriving industry, offering careers to a talented workforce.

Not only do we educate for the future of furnishing, we also  encourage public recognition of excellence and innovation by the grant of our Guild Marks to furniture judged to be outstanding by our expert inspection panels. Guild Marks for Bespoke Furniture are awarded for pieces made as single items or in batches of up to 12.


Excellence in design, materials, craftsmanship and function. Is the piece, in both design and craftsmanship, exceptional? There are other matters to consider, for example

  • Are the materials, including the fittings and the finish, appropriate?
  • Are the materials from sustained sources? Items incorporating CITES listed materials will not be considered for a Guild Mark.
  • Does the design of the piece show innovation?
  • Are its proportions and scale harmonious?
  • Is it fit for purpose?
  • Will it last?


Pieces of furniture awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark are recognisably items of quality and excellence. To substantiate and promote this accolade, Guild Mark holders are entitled to

  • Use the Company’s Coat of Arms and the Bespoke Guild Mark logo (together) on any publicity material relating to each piece awarded a Guild Mark
  • Receive a numbered Guild Mark certificate which clearly states the names of the designer and maker (in itself a guarantee of the authenticity of the piece) and a unique enamelled disc to be fixed to each piece awarded a Guild Mark
  • Have a page on the Company’s website ( containing a link to their own site/s, their contact details, and a general description of their practice, with further pages for each Guild Mark that they hold. These pages are linked to categorised thumbnail images of all Bespoke Guild Mark pieces
  • Be entered, in most cases and without further application, into the annual competition for the Claxton Stevens Prize of £1,000 for the Bespoke Guild Mark piece judged to be the best of all those awarded in that Company year (May-April)


Download the information leaflet and entry form here.