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The Bespoke Guild Mark recognises excellence in design, materials, craftsmanship and function for exquisite pieces of furniture made as single items or a limited run of up to 12.

The prestigious
Bespoke Guild Mark

The Bespoke Guild Mark is the ultimate accolade for designer-makers, recognising excellence in design, materials, craftsmanship and function for exquisite pieces of furniture made as single items or a limited run and installations of bespoke fitted furniture.


It is awarded to only the most meticulous, luxurious and highly crafted pieces of bespoke furniture and, since its launch in 1958, has been the apex of distinctions for UK designer-makers.

Judging criteria

In order to be awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark, each design will first have to be stringently vetted and scrutinised by a panel of judges. In determining whether a piece is worthy of a Bespoke Guild Mark, the jury will assess excellence in the following areas:

  • Design - the thinking behind the design of the piece, its scale, and its innovative features.
  • Materials - the materials used in the piece, including the finish, and the reasons for the choices.
  • Craftsmanship - special features, including any particularly complex problems solved.
  • Function - the design brief and how it has been fulfilled.

Judging process

Applications are considered by a jury of experts four times a year. The first assessment is made using the images and details sent with the application form. If selected, the second stage is a physical inspection by the Bespoke Guild Mark committee. Finally, the committee again using the images, the application form and the inspection panel’s report to decide whether the piece fulfils all four criteria and therefore merits the award of a Bespoke Guild Mark. The applicant is notified either way as soon as possible afterwards.

Holder benefits

Pieces awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark are recognisably items of quality and excellence, and to substantiate and promote this accolade, Bespoke Guild Mark holders receive:

Use of the Bespoke Guild Mark logo

Use of the Bespoke Guild Mark logo on any publicity material relating to each piece awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark.

Certificate of authentication

Successful pieces will receive a numbered certificate that states the names of the designer and maker and a unique enamelled disc to be fixed to each piece awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark.

PR and promotion

The winning piece and designer will be listed on the Company’s online Guild Mark Directory as well as receive promotion through the Company’s PR and social media channels.

Entry for the Claxton Stevens Prize

Be entered into the annual competition for the Claxton Stevens Prize of £1,000 for the Bespoke Guild Mark piece judged to be the best of all those awarded in that Company year (May-April). The winner is also invited to and honoured at the Installation Dinner of the new Master of The Furniture Makers’ Company at the Mansion House in the City of London.

Conditions of entry

Applications are welcomed throughout the year from designer-makers in the UK making furniture of original design to commission or speculatively, either as one-offs or in small batches. 


Sets of chairs count as one item but other pieces in a suite or group must be entered as separate applications.


A maximum of three applications are allowed from one individual or firm in each Company year (May-April). If a piece is rejected it may not be resubmitted in the same form. 


A non-refundable contribution towards administration costs of 100 including vat must accompany each application. 

What's next

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