About the furniture
makers' company

We are The Furniture Makers’ Company, the City of London livery company and charity for the furnishing industry

We’re here to help everyone involved with this exciting creative world. Whether you’re a student, designer, maker, business owner, retailer, current or former employee, we are here for you.

What are the Benefits of
becoming a Member?

  • Opportunities to contribute to the UK furniture industry
  • Supporting the charitable activities of the Company
  • Access to industry information, including the members-only pages of the website
  • Networking across the entire British furnishing industry with like-minded people
  • Prior information on Guild Marks and other awards
  • Social events at a variety of prestigious venues in the City
  • Fellowship with other members
  • And so much more…

Associated Organisations

Our military affiliation

We are proud to support our armed forces by being affiliated with 2nd Battalion The Rifles. Our historical ties with the forces date back to 1989 when the Bond of Association was made between the Company and The Royal Green Jackets, who in 2007 became a part of the new regiment – The Rifles.


Many livery companies have an affiliation with a unit of the armed forces, some with a Royal Navy ship or RAF squadron, and many with an army regiment.