About us

We are The Furniture Makers’ Company,
the City of London livery company and charity for the furnishing industry


We’re here to help everyone involved with this exciting creative world.
Whether you’re a student, designer, maker, business owner, retailer,
current or former employee, we are here for you


Our strategy for support spans three key areas which you can explore throughout our website


We’re encouraging new talent with our extensive education programme, working
with schoolchildren, students and young professionals to nurture our future workforce


We recognise and inspire the very highest standards within the furnishing industry with our prestigious Guild Mark awards. Make excellence your goal


We’re here to help you when times are
tough with grants, services, time and support. If you need a helping hand, make us your first port of call


History of the livery

Formed as a guild in 1952, established as a livery company of the City of London in 1963, and granted a Royal Charter in 2013, the Furniture Makers’ Company has a long colourful history. Find out about our past in the downloads below:

What do livery companies do?
Our origins and history
Masters & Clerks since 1952

Our military affiliation

We are proud to support our armed forces by being affiliated with 2nd Battalion The Rifles. Our historical ties with the forces date back to 1989 when the Bond of Association was made between the Company and The Royal Green Jackets, who in 2007 became a part of the new regiment – The Rifles.

Read more about our links with 2nd Battalion The Rifles