Why join as a member?


 About membership

Supporting, educating and inspiring… None of these would be possible without our membership.

All our members are connected with the furnishing industry and bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts they are keen to share.

They could be designers, manufacturers, distributors, craftsmen, retailers, suppliers, lecturers, PR practitioners or journalists. We have individual and corporate members, men and women, young and old.

What they all have in common is their passion for the furnishing industry and a wish to give something back. Members volunteer their time and expertise, helping to steer our activities and grow our remit as a modern livery company. They support and sponsor our many fundraising events around the UK and educational programme.

They provide many opportunities for us to grow and expand what we do, telling the world about us and furthering our aims and objectives.

Our members enjoy having the chance to get involved, to meet each other, to hear other points of view and widen their knowledge.

Events and activities provide our members the opportunity to meet potential clients and suppliers, hear other points of view, widen their knowledge and help them to develop professionally and personally.

We welcome our members’ involvement and feedback on all of our initiatives, from fundraising events to educational projects to driving excellence.

You can make sure that what we are doing is relevant and engaging, helping us to help our industry to thrive.

Membership is also a way for you to give something back to the vibrant furnishing industry which has given you your career.

If you are part of the furnishing industry, be a part of us – join now as a member!

How to get involved

For more information about individual membership, contact Paddy Rafferty, membership manager, by emailing membership@furnituremakers.org.uk or by calling 020 7562 8529.