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We’re there for anything that life throws at you, from a minor bump in the road to a major crisis. We hope you never need to contact us but we're here if you do.

Supporting You in your hour of need

If you work or have worked in the UK furnishing industry, you may qualify to receive financial support and guidance to help you through a difficult time.

How does it work?

Support when YOU need it the most!

Our charity has been supporting the welfare of employees in the furnishing industry, past and present, for 120 years. If your financial situation has changed and you are struggling to pay your bills, if you work or have worked in the UK furnishing industry you may be eligible for a grant.


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Grants can be awarded for:

• Essential household items
• Essential household bills
• Funeral expenses
• Disabled adaptations
• Property repairs considered essential due to age, security or access
• Disabled / medical equipment
• Respite / convalescent breaks
• General financial hardship
• Pre-tenancy costs and removal costs


Grant Application Form

Grant Application Form Guidelines

The grant came as wonderful news at a moment when I was in dire straits. I can’t thank you enough. Greg, a joiner

It’s so simple to apply for support

We have tried to make the process of applying for support from us as easy as possible.


Download a brochure and application form, or if you would prefer us to post out a form to you, please call our welfare officer on 020 7562 8528.


Complete the application form and post or email it to us, together with a copy of a recent bank statement and evidence of your employment within the furnishings industry.


Once we have all the information we need, we aim to let you have a decision within two weeks.

Support FAQs

Am I eligible to apply for support?
What kind of help do you offer?
How will a grant be paid?
Why do you ask to see my bank statement?
If you award me a grant, will I have to pay anything back?
What if I don’t work in the furnishings industry now?
Will my employer have to know that I have applied for help?

Am I eligible to apply for support?

To be eligible for financial assistance, you must normally have a minimum of two years’ employment service in any capacity within the UK furnishing industry.  This includes companies manufacturing/supplying furniture, kitchens or bathrooms; furniture stores such as DFS, Ikea, Argos; carpet sales or fitting; beds, curtains and upholstery. 


The furnishing industry employs around 338,000 people across manufacturing, retail, design and teaching, and in every sector from home, office and garden furniture, fabrics, carpets, flooring, and lighting, to wall coverings, kitchens, bathrooms, and interior design. And from time to time, someone will need financial assistance or advice.


We are here to help when you need it most – whether you or your partner still work within the industry or did in the past.


You could have a young family or you might have retired. Or sadly your partner was in the industry but they have now passed away. You might need a grant for essential home repairs or a contribution towards specialised equipment, help with the costs of a respite break or replacing a worn-out fridge. Every story is different and we assess each application with care and consideration.


Charity Referrals

Occasionally it is more appropriate to refer those in need of assistance to specialist charities. We have good relationships with a number of UK charities and can put you in touch with the right person if your case requires it.
Remember, if you are unsure about your application or where is best to apply for support, simply give us a ring and we will be more than happy to help you out: 020 7256 5954

What’s Next?

If  you feel ready to get in touch then apply for support with us today.


Fill out the form below and let’s get started.


Or alternatively call:

020 7256 5558

How can we help

If you would like more information about a financial grant, please contact our welfare officer, Jo Goga