Natalia's story

Natalia, a quality control worker at a Nottinghamshire upholstery manufacturer, has been under significant financial pressure since a relationship breakdown a few years ago compelled her and her daughter to leave the family home and move into rented accommodation.

This transition brought about an increase in her monthly expenses, as Natalia was now juggling rent payments alongside contributions to the mortgage on the family home.

Despite the financial strain, Natalia persevered in her efforts to support her daughter and ensure their wellbeing. Recently, some tragic circumstances had meant that Natalia and her daughter could return to the home. However, on inspecting the property, she discovered that it had fallen into disrepair, rendering it unsafe for them to live in. One of the most concerning issues was the unsafe electrical system, which posed a serious risk to their safety.

Natalia started to arrange for repairs to the house so they could move back and ease some of their financial burden, but the task was huge and there were many jobs that needed to be completed to make the house habitable.

In need of assistance to address the extensive repairs, Natalia reached out to us for support after being told by her employer of the grants we provide.

On hearing Natalia’s story, we took swift action and offered her a welfare grant to contribute towards the re-installation of the electrical system. In addition, we purchased a new microwave for Natalia, making it easier for her to prepare meals while she saved up for essential kitchen appliances. Natalia shared her gratitude, saying: “Thank you so much; your help is truly a lifesaver for us, and we appreciate it more than words can express.”

"Thank you so much; your help is truly a lifesaver for us, and we appreciate it more than words can express."