Freeman Katryn Furmston, a PhD Student at Nottingham Trent University, is seeking responses to a ‘Furniture in the home’ sustainability survey that she is completing as part of her studies.

As part of her doctoral work, Katryn is undertaking a project that is looking at the sustainability of furniture and how this might be improved regarding longevity. The survey is completely anonymous and will collect data about furniture purchasing and disposal habits.

Sustainability survey

Katryn’s career is focused on championing sustainability. She embarked on a PhD dedicated to enhancing the sustainability of fast furniture, filling a void in academic research. Her commitment earned her the Nottingham Trent University vice chancellor’s scholarship.

Through her PhD, she has educated peers in art and design and engaged with key figures in the furniture industry, presenting at research events. Since September 2023, Katryn has been working as head of design and research at Design Conformity, which helps to reduce the carbon impact of fixtures and furniture in commercial store interiors.

She was named as one of our 60 for 60 last month, with the judges commending the work she is undertaking to make the sector more sustainable.

Katryn said: “I would really appreciate it if you could please complete my short survey and pass it along to your friends and colleagues.”

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