Student Networking Seminars



Frequently throughout the year the YFM host unique student networking seminars across the country. Open to local students and liverymen alike, two or three guest speakers from industry are invited to give talks and share some of their individual insights, stories and experiences about their jobs. After the talk there is then a chance for everyone to talk and socialise with each other, allowing students to network with industry leaders in a relaxed informal atmosphere.Previously, presentation topics have included design, bespoke manufacturing, retail, sales, going freelance, managing a growing businesses, and more. The variety and diversity of both speakers and topics help give students a broad view of the industry which goes beyond what they may traditionally be exposed to at college or university.

With a growing number of seminars being organised each year at different business and university locations, the Young Furniture Makers wish to reach throughout the country to ensure the livery can help and support students regardless of where they live and study.


Who Varies between 20 & 100 students
Where All across the country
When Periodically through the year

Join us

If you are interested in attending one of our seminars, why not take a look and see if there is one being hosted near you in the coming year?

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