Frederick Parker collection

The Frederick Parker chair collection and archive 

The Frederick Parker Chair Collection is an outstanding resource for studying British furniture making and design from the 17th century to the present day.

It comprises a fascinating collection of 200 chairs showing a wide variety of materials, forms, decoration and design.  It illustrates how furniture has evolved over time, with changing ideas about comfort, style and design and the introduction of new materials and technologies. The chair collection offers design students a wonderful resource for sparking ideas and inspiring new forms of seating furniture.

The Frederick Parker and Parker Knoll Archive is a wonderful record of 150 years of furniture making, including design, manufacture and retailing.

Established by Frederick Parker in 1869, the company changed its name to Parker Knoll in the 1930s and became famous for its quality upholstery and tension springing system. Today Parker Knoll continues to manufacture upholstered sofas and chairs and is one of Britain’s best known furniture brands.  The archive includes details of almost every model made by the company from the 1870s to 2003, with hundreds of design drawings, photographs and related advertising and publicity material.