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Vote now for the Mixology 2019 Young Designer of the Year Award

Three Young Furniture Makers who exhibited at the 2019 Young Furniture Makers exhibition have been shortlisted for the Young Designer of the Year Award at Mixology19.

The three shortlisted designers are Leon Farago  for Metal Chair One, Hollie Owen for the Scarf Loop Coat Hanger and Andrew Hamilton for the Sointula Range

The award category is sponsored by KI and organised in association with The Furniture Makers’ Company.

Voting will close on Friday 17 May and the winner will be announced at the awards ceremony at Old Billingsgate, London on Thursday 20 June 2019.

Mixology19 is the UK’s most prestigious, must-attend award ceremony and summer ball, created for the dynamic and innovative interior design community.

More information about the three designers is below.

Scarf Loop Coat Hangers by Hollie Owen, University of Plymouth

Inspired by Tom Raffield, Hollie Owen learned about steam bending wood and began creating the Scarf Loop Coat Hanger for her second year design project. After experimenting with organic natural shapes, Hollie decided that her top priority was to keep the hanger as simple as possible. First, she selected straight grained ash wood and then steam-bent it for an hour. She then bent the wood by hand over a large drainpipe and finished it in wax.


Sointula Range – Andrew Hamilton (Andrew Hamilton Design), Manchester School of Art

Designed for batch or mass production, the Sointula range is aimed at the home or commercial market and consists of a chair, desk and lamp. Ash timber has been used throughout the range for its aesthetic warmth and its technical properties, such as flexural strength to enable relatively unsupported spans, particularly in the back rest of the chair. A steel rod in the lamp was used for its capability to be bent in a multi directional manner; suitable for volume production, whilst maintaining the minimal visual language that runs throughout the range. The range proposes possibilities about how we may begin to provide furniture with a high end, hand crafted character to a wider market at more affordable price points.


Metal Chair One – Leon Farago, Northumbria University

Metal Chair One is metal lounge chair made using traditional panel beating techniques. This chair takes inspiration from the Aircraft of the 1930’s, where flowing elegant forms meet sharp engineered edges. It is sculptural in form, beautiful and useful. Leon is driven by a curiosity of materials and a love of craftsmanship. MCO is made with 2mm Aluminium sheet which is separately hand shaped in four parts and welded together, then further shaped as one piece to give rigidity of form. It is self-supporting, strong and visually thin in profile. The aluminium is dull sanded soft to touch with a raw finish. The legs are made with steel bar, heated and bent into shape, the form of which gives a slight spring to the seat increasing comfort.


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