We are pleased to unveil the logo for our new early careers website, MyFurnitureCareer.org.uk.

The new logo features three arrows of different sizes which symbolise the varying paths people take to build their dream career and underpins its message of wanting to support young people to move onwards and upwards in their careers. The colours – navy, magenta and yellow – used in the logo synchronise with the colour palette of the Company’s well-established Young Furniture Makers exhibition and align with the three purposes of the website: to inspire, signpost and connect.

The new logo and branding will feature prominently in the Furniture Makers’ go to market strategy as it starts to build brand awareness of the website with young people and companies in the industry when it launches at the end of September.

My Furniture Career aims to inspire young people (15-24 years old) who are still deciding on a career path, while signposting those looking for industry specific training and connect those seeking a job in the industry with employers.

Through MyFurnitureCareer.org.uk, businesses in the furnishing industry will have access to a comprehensive range of resources, expert guidance, and tools to improve and ease their hiring and training processes. This user-friendly website will serve as a bridge between employers and talented individuals seeking to embark on exciting careers within the sector.

Jonny Westbrooke, CEO of The Furniture Makers’ Company, said: “We’re delighted to unveil the logo of our new early careers website, My Furniture Career. Although My Furniture Career is part of The Furniture Makers’ Company’s educational activity, we felt it was important to develop a strong, dynamic brand identity that would resonate with a young audience and become a recognised name in the furniture and furnishing industry as the go-to resource for early careers recruitment and training.”

For more information, go to www.myfurniturecareer.org.uk

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