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Rycotewood Furniture graduates exhibit at Heals showroom in July

A group of students graduating from Rycotewood Furniture Centre will be showcasing work as part of a special exhibition at Heals’ Tottenham Court Road showroom this month.

The Branching Out exhibition, which takes place from 4-5 July, celebrates the culmination of three years of a diverse exploration in the subject of furniture.

For many graduates it is their first opportunity to exhibit their new work beyond the security of the college.

The collection of work that will be on show illustrates the young makers’ command of the technical skills and advanced understanding of materials and processes that are required to produce high quality craftsmanship.

Rycotewood Furniture Centre is a small college based in central Oxford that carries an 80-year long legacy of teaching furniture designing and making

Hamish Mansbridge, CEO of Heal’s, said: “Heal’s has been designing, making and selling furniture in London for over 200 years. Since the store first opened in 1810 it has always championed great design. The Heal’s Discovers programme has given the opportunity to young talent to show their work to a wider audience and includes Russell Pinch, Sebastian Cox, Anthony Dickens and Tomoko Azumi among the roll call of past winners.

“This summer we wanted to showcase the work of the graduates at Oxford’s Ryecotewood School of furniture. The school is one of the few places in the UK now where young designers have access to workshops throughout their degree and by learning at the bench the students come away with a great understanding of design for living. We’re delighted to show their impressive graduate show to our discerning customers.”

More information about the exhibition is available here: