The festive season is a special time of year and, fortunately for many of us, Christmas is a time to get together with family and friends, have fun, maybe indulge a little, and possibly reflect on our good fortune in the preceding year and dream about what we hope for the future

But, sadly, it’s also a time for relationship breakdowns and financial difficulties and little hope for the future. For every three families coming together, there is one quietly crumbling and falling apart. It may be illness, stress, a relationship breakdown or quite simply not having enough money to put food on the table. It could be the stress of caring for a loved one who is suffering in one way or another.

Somehow, everything seems even sadder when we look around and see the joy of others.

Children and welfare

Contrary to the belief that the majority of welfare help is only needed by the sick, elderly and frailer, often working parents with school age children dread the demanding Christmas break, the enticing high street temptations and find holidays a nightmare, as well as a financial challenge.

So, who can employees or retired employees and their family members turn to in times of need?

Well, they need look no further than The Furniture Makers’ Company. Thanks to more than 70 major organisations signing up to the One Step at a Time campaign, more people are aware of our occupational welfare support.

What is the campaign?

Put quite simply, it is companies stepping forward and saying ‘Yes, we will communicate the welfare message’ and let them know they have a friend in us if a curve ball strikes.

How does it work?

One Step Champions have simply agreed to a few simple communication tick boxes and committed to spreading the word through employees payslips, in staff newsletters, on noticeboards, on websites, induction packs performance management meetings, appraisals, board meetings staff conferences, common areas and staff canteens. And once the welfare message is out, it is there for good.

Letting people know there is a helping hand if ever they need, as a caring employer, is a no brainer!

Who does it help?

Take Luke who was able to keep his family together when they needed him most. When his wife was fighting for her life after their baby daughter was born, we gave him a one-off grant to help pay the rent.

That’s what the Christmas season is really about, giving back and helping out where we can.

Let’s make Christmas a little more bearable for those who need our help – will YOU and YOUR company sign up and become a One Step Champion and spread the word?

Are you in need of our help and support? If so, please contact Sue, our welfare officer by emailing her at:

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