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Five Minutes with a Young Furniture Maker: Emaline Hamnett

Emaline Hamnett a student at Queen Elizabeth School, recently exhibited her piece Cast in Time at the 2018 Young Furniture Makers exhibition. She was invited to exhibit after winning one of our School Design Prizes earlier this year.

We caught up with her at the exhibition to find out more about what she thought of the event and her career hopes for the future.

Tell me about your piece that was featured in the Young Furniture Makers exhibition?

It’s a dressing table/desk called ‘Cast in Time’ and it’s made completely out of plywood, with a resin table top concealed with real flowers. It has laser cut detailing and white acrylic ridges. While designing my final A-level piece, I came across a coffee table with a resin top completely filled with coffee beans which I thought was really effective. I played around with other items such as coins but thought the flowers gave it the ‘wow-factor’. It works really well as the centre piece of the desk.

What interests you in design?

I had a natural talent for design while at school – I really enjoyed it and got some great results that I’m extremely pleased with. Product Design as a subject has been by the far the most beneficial subject and has offered me opportunities I never knew existed, for example attending the Young Furniture Makers exhibition.

When did you decide you wanted to work in design?

I’ve always been more creative than academic and have succeeded in creative subjects, design being one of them. I was encouraged by my teachers to pursue it further into GCSE then onto A-level.

How did you find out about the Young Furniture Makers?

Two classmates I knew who were in the year above me at school were lucky enough to have their work exhibited in 2017. My teacher was extremely proud of them and used them as examples of where successful work takes you. I was so inspired and decided that was a goal. The hard work paid off and mine was exhibited a year later.

How did you get involved in the Young Furniture Makers?

My teacher submitted my work for the Young Furniture Makers exhibition and I was over the moon when I received the email to say it had been accepted.

How has being part of the Young Furniture Makers benefitted you?

I’ve been able to share my work with hundreds of people. I’ve met new people who share the same hobby as me, which is amazing. I was lucky enough to help other students out who came to the exhibition purely out of interest for inspiration for their own projects.

Would you recommend the Young Furniture Makers exhibition to others?

Absolutely. Whether it’s a goal for your work to be exhibited, for inspiration or even a day out to meet new people, it’s an extremely inspiring and beneficial event that is extremely well organised at an amazing venue.

What is your favourite design of all time?

I don’t have a favourite design but my favourite designer is Lila Jang. I think her work is amazing and explores design like no other has before.

What is you ultimate career goal?

To do what I love and to be remembered for succeeding.

If you’re young designer or maker and want to find out more about the benefits of a being a Young Furniture Maker, contact Anne Sampson, educational events and campaigns manager: