Designer Contracts, the UK’s largest flooring contractor, has stepped into help leading children’s charity, ChildLine, with extra funds to help it through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The charity, which supports some 800 young people each day, needed an urgent cash injection to help switch its call handlers from a central facility to working from home. Among those who stepped into help was Designer Contracts md Peter Kelsey.

He said: “With the Covid-19 crisis, many charities have faced the additional cost burden of transitioning to home working which in turn has impacted on their ability to deliver help. As existing supporters of ChildLine we wanted to lend our support to them at a difficult time so they could continue to provide counselling to those that need it most.

“We hope that our gesture to pay the equivalent of one day’s running costs – which will take place on May 1 – will ease the burden a little, and help with the transition process, enabling volunteers and councillors to continue providing amazing support to hundreds of young people who call in every day. Their expertise is needed now more than ever.

“May 1 will also be the company’s 28th birthday, so it seems fitting that we sponsor ChildLine’s running costs on this date.”

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