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An interview with a School Design Prize winner

We launched our School Design Prize six years ago to distinguish gifted young design and technology students so they would be inspired to nurture their flair for design and continue down a pathway to eventually join the furnishing industry.

Holly Alderson was awarded a School Design Prize in 2016 when she was in Year 10. We spoke to Holly about winning the prize!

Describe the design/coursework that lead to you winning the School Design Prize?

I designed a light for the reception area of the Crazy Bear Hotel. It was inspired by biomimicry of a bear marking its territory with claw marks. The light has cut outs in the shape of bear claws through which a colour changing light shines on the ceiling and walls of the reception area. The light was made of plywood with a logo which incorporated claw cut-outs into the words Crazy Bear.

What did you think of the winning book prize?

I love the book. I have used it a lot, both as a resource for GCSE and A Level research, and also as a source of inspiration. I think it is something I will keep referring to as I continue my studies.

What have you done since receiving the School Design Prize?

After winning the prize I went on to achieve Grade A Resistant Materials in GCSE and I am now studying Product Design at A Level. I am currently applying to universities to study Furniture and Product Design at Degree level.

How did winning the School Design Prize make a difference to you and your studies? 

Winning the prize really inspired me to carry on designing and led to me choosing furniture design as a career.

What are your plans for the future?

My ambition is to get into university and get my degree in Furniture Design. I am especially looking forward to working with all the materials and facilities that are available at university. I would love to either work as a designer in a company or maybe become a designer/maker with my own company.

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