Furniture Maker Face Covering

Stay safe and and show your patronage to the Company with these soft and breathable coverings incorporating the coat of arms. Sports wicking technology makes this face covering breathable and a versatile solution for different climates. The coverings are made with ShieldPlus by Panaz and proven to be effective against coronavirus as well as other known germs, destroying transferred bacteria or virus on contact. Washable and durable – can withstand over 50 washes. Non-toxic and suitable for frequent, personal use. Does not need to be washed everyday to remain effective. Two styles are available: Style 1 (left) incorporates a toggle behind the neck system. Style 2 (right) has the classic behind the ears elasticated loops. Please choose which style you would like to buy below. Separate orders will need to be made in order to purchase both styles.

£13.00 (including VAT and delivery)