Design Guild Mark Holder

Utility Shelf

Name of Designer:

Rachael Heritage
DGM Number


Date of Award


Manufacturers’ Name

Thackeray West for WOUD A/S


The design for the Utility shelves combines the function of a cupboard and the lightness of an open shelving unit. The two compact shelves have an upstand on three sides, allowing multiple items to be contained yet still remain on display and be easily accessible during the day. Whether that be towels in the bathroom, tableware in the kitchen or scarves and gloves in the hallway. Emphasising true utility.


After graduating from The Royal College of Art in London she founded the furniture design studio Thackeray West. Her work focuses on evaluating and designing furniture that suits changes in our modern lifestyle. Inspired by how elements relate, how shapes merge and accentuate the details, she manages to meet the demands of functionality, without compromising her profound love for minimalistic designs.