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Uniun Bench & Planter

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Uniun is all about redefining the traditional ideologies of a bench, by encouraging more social uses of spaces than conventional linear forms. Made from a lightweight and recyclable but tough polyethylene base that can be flipped and rotated, the geometric trapezoid shape of the Uniun allows for hundreds of distinctive layouts from straight lines to clusters and islands – giving landscape architects the unique opportunity to create bespoke solutions using set modules.

With the addition of a beautiful FSC iroko timber top, this versatile solution can be used as a bench, planter, or subdivided to provide both in the same module, creating unique and inclusive seating and planting configurations.


With over 70 years designing and manufacturing street furniture – Furnitubes are pioneers of cleverly engineered modular solutions that can be combined in different ways to achieve endless possibilities. Working closely with landscape architects, local authorities and contractors, Furnitubes are all about producing high quality long-lasting solutions that serve a purpose – bringing people closer to people and nature.