Bespoke Guild Mark Holder

Sculptural Sideboard

Name of Designer:

Clive Brooks & Barnaby Scott
BGM Number


Date of Award


Makers’ Name

Simon Smith and Clive Brooks


Fumed oak and pear drinks cabinet with sculptural reveal handles and shaped wine shelves.


The reveal handle with the mitred details was a complex process to keep the construction as minimal as possible.  The doors are made from various layers for stability and cleaness of design.


We wanted to create a sideboard with flexible storage and dedicated wine storage that also service as a feature piece with only a few standout design details.



Waywood combines the varied skills of five furniture makers, with influences as diverse as fine art, cabin making, boat building and CAD/CAM manufacturing.


We often approach problem solving from completely different directions.  Our collaborative design process and approach to problem solving allow a wealth of options for design and making solutions.


Equally, the role of designer might be given to the person who is best suited to the client’s brief, but the resources available to us from our varied backgrounds allow a huge diversity of influences and experience.


Barnaby Scott

One of the original founding partners of Waywood, Barney’s vision has led our development into the area of CAD and CNC machining.  He was voted Fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen in 2006, and lectures on the unusual combination of CNC technology and highly skilled hand craft on our work.


Clive Brooks

After completing an apprenticeship, followed by studying fine furniture making and design at Buckinghamshire college, Clive joined Waywood in 1990.


He is now Senior Designer and Craftsman, overseeing all elements of the furniture we make, and taking major responsibility for client and furniture project management.

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