Bespoke Guild Mark Holder

Old Kings College

Name of Designer:

Alex Beaugeard Lanserring
BGM Number


Date of Award



LANSERRING answered our client’s request for a rich and international design language with a bespoke fitted kitchen that exudes harmony and ease. The vibrant colors, patterns, and textures chosen complement the mid-century furniture collected from a lifetime of travel. The kitchen showcases meticulous craftsmanship, with each piece of furniture serving as a stand out feature.

The soulful and elegant composition of the kitchen is achieved through the deep brushed indigo veneer on the cabinets, which harmonises with the craggy textures of the raw materials used. The floor and worktops are crafted from the same block of golden Calacatta marble, creating a visual link with the aged brass accents present throughout the space. A sculptural theme permeates the kitchen, lending it a sense of rhythm and aesthetic balance that integrates seamlessly with the eclectic style of the wider home.

The centrepiece of the kitchen is the sculptural island, resembling a solid marble cube that has been hollowed out and lined with brass. The island features solid walnut drawers and a timber and brass workbench, evoking the craftsmanship of a master artist or gardener. Pull-out trays suspended between brass legs house bespoke handcrafted tools and utensils, combining nostalgia with contemporary design. The island also incorporates a trough with modular inserts, making it versatile and practical for various everyday tasks. It can be transformed into a generous ice trough for serving seafood during entertaining by removing the inserts.

The glass-fronted pantry cabinet serves as a connection between the interior of the kitchen and the outside terrace. It displays spices and dressings while offering a glimpse of the attractive herb garden through the window. The choice of transparent glass for the fronting celebrates food and highlights the textures of different seeds and spices stored in illuminated glass pouring drawers. Traditional finger joints in the drawers beneath the pantry enhance airflow, preventing rotting and bruising. This attention to detail and emphasis on celebrating culinary experiences characterise many of LANSERRING’s designs.


LANSERRING specialises in the design and manufacture of custom-made kitchens, furniture, and lifestyle products for discerning clients worldwide. Their approach unites world-leading design and craftsmanship, resulting in exceptional creations that reflect a deep respect for traditional artisanal techniques and fine natural materials. With a rich history spanning a century, LANSERRING continues to push boundaries and set new benchmarks for quality and design in the realm of contemporary luxury.

With Studios in London, New York and Vienna and a state-of-the-art workshop in Riegersburg, LANSERRING operates as a fourth-generation design-led company.