Bespoke Guild Mark Holder


Name of Designer:

Anna Dugard
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Nahas, is 3D printed and coated with a liquid brass finish. It challenges the rapidly developing boundaries of digital manufacturing and its place within modern craft.

The design was inspired by the growth of natural forms. The fluted legs echo flower stems and the textured trumpets resemble long-necked flowers. The brass finish will age over time, adding character. It also provides the piece with its name, Nahas, meaning brass in Arabic.

Layer-by-layer, Nahas was printed in a 0.8mm bead of biodegradable polylactide from a CAD file created in Fusion360. The form was printed in ten components (two components per leg), with interlocking fittings, allowing easy fabrication and cavities for stainless steel reinforcement rods.

The liquid brass finish was sprayed on the legs and polished to a high-shine finish. A contrasting organic surface was created on the tabletop by applying the brass finish with a brush. Nahas sits on hand-turned solid brass feet. An organic formed profile of CNC’ed glass creates the table top and echos the form of the table.


Anna has a passion for design and a keen interest in materials. Originally trained as an Industrial Designer, she has more recently focused her attention on designing and making bespoke furniture and objects. Her work pushes the boundaries of processes and materials to create unique one-off pieces.