Design Guild Mark Holder


Name of Designer:

Yasuyuki Sakurai and Risa Sano
DGM Number


Date of Award


Manufacturers’ Name

Hand & Eye Studio


Melina is a collection of cluster pendant light and wall/ceiling light and a smaller version of Mela glass light we designed for Hand& Eye (Melina meaning small apple).The lamp with a mouth blown clear or Opal glass shade in matt etched finish has a dimpled base which acts as a focal point on the otherwise smooth surface. The dimpled point becomes thinner and at the same time goes closer to the light source making it shine brighter. 


Mentsen is a London-based design practice established in 2011 and a partnership between two Japanese designers Yasuyuki Sakurai and Risa Sano. The studio name meaning ‘surfaces and lines’ in Japanese references to working in different mediums and scales. Working internationally Mentsen offer product design and art direction for businesses and cultural organisations.