Design Guild Mark Holder


Name of Designer:

Nathan Philpott and Jemma Ooi
DGM Number


Date of Award


Manufacturers’ Name

Custhom Design Ltd


Igneous is a design made from carbon powder and using Custhom’s innovative process of hand-foiling wallpapers, creates a unique distressed or highly polished finish in a wide range of metallic hues, imitating the crystallisation of igneous rocks formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava. The pattern is non-repetitive down the length of the wallpaper. Printed on to double durable non-woven FSC certified wallpaper.


Custhom is a design studio founded in 2010 by Jemma Ooi and Nathan Philpott. The studio focuses on the exploration of simple forms via scale, colour and high quality raw materials; all whilst remaining enviromentally concious.