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Gemla OPEN

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Samuel Wilkinson
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The Gemla OPEN is a lounge chair born of traditional craft combined with contemporary designed. Made in part with skills passed down through generations. Made from all natural materials, the OPEN is a high back wooden chair with elegance and meticulous detailing. It consists of two curved elements of steam bent timber pinned together by an engineered solid wood seat frame. A curved sprung backrest is created from paper twince neatly weaved back and forth across the looped backrest. The open weave provides great support while also giving a nod to Gemla’s history of making Tennis racquets, hence the name Gemla OPEN. The seat is padded with layers of natural hairlock and recycled wool then covered in a natural Swedish leather. The chair includes a loose lumbar cushion and an optional head pillow all make with Gemla’s uniqure care and attention.


Samuel Wilkinson is an industrial designer, his designs often offer unique approaches in either form or function. These unique approaches are achieved by utilising his understanding of materials and manufacturing processes.

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