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Aaron Probyn
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The IKEA Evedal lighting collection was initially briefed to bring a more discerning consumer into the store. The objective was to design a lighting collection that the enduser would have a true emotional connection with, and therefore want to keep for a lifetime and pass on to a future generation. Crafted from brass, marble, mouthblown glass and solid timber, it’s a product range that uses highquality materials and is manufactured with real care and integrity. As with many of my designs, Evedal aims to be timeless by sidestepping trends and does away with the idea that a product has a limited lifespan.  


The range has been highly engineered to maximize productivity, reduce waste and rejection rates within production. These are all key elements when designing a product for IKEA, so that they can retail the product that stands for their core values which is democratic and good design for all.  



British industrial designer Aaron Probyn creates minimal but tactile products that are both functional, emotionally engaging, with a real sense for materiality and a personal objective of designing products that bring joy to everyday life. 

Passionate about sustainability and adverse to disposable culture, Aaron sidesteps trends to create quality-led, timelessly designed pieces with the aim that they can be enjoyed for a lifetime and beyond. 

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