Bespoke Guild Mark Holder

Arches Desk

Name of Designer:

Hugo Egleston

Arches Desk was commissioned to be be positioned in a large room where it is seen from all sides. Superb English Walnut has been shaped, hollowed and rounded to make the arches that give rhythm, flow and interest to the overall design.This is further enhanced by Holly inlay, cross banding and mouldings, and above all by the careful selection of the wood. The drawer fronts, rails, panels, ends and top are all book matched. The proportions of the piece and its details were all very carefully worked out, are very precise and required much time and skill to create.


Hugo Egleston has been designing and making commissioned pieces of furniture since 1977. He trained at the London College of Furniture and then worked at Sandy Mackilligin’s workshop in Surrey till 1980. Tailored to his client’s requirements and tastes, his pieces, although contemporary, are intended to have intrinsic and timeless appeal. Therefore classic English 18th century and Arts and Crafts furniture influence the designs. Superb craftsmanship and the finest and most beautiful materials are essential to his pieces.

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