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Moon Cabinet launches at ‘Evolution of Tradition’

Established furniture designer and maker, Rupert Senior launches his ‘Moon Cabinet’ at a new exhibition of contemporary bespoke furniture at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, 2-5 October 2018.

A tour de force of craftsmanship, this sculptural wall cabinet is an artistic representation of the moon inspired by a rare, giant piece of swirly burr ash wood. The swirls look uncannily like the surface of the moon, and are interspersed with craters and sub-craters that have been hand gilded in 24c yellow gold, palladium and ‘moon’ gold leaf.

When closed it is a representation of the moon with its sculpted, sub-craters shining out in their gilded finish. Opening the doors reveals a magnificent blue night sky and with the craters now as if transformed into planets within a solar system, seemingly floating in space. In the centre, a black hole.

Every aspect of the craftsmanship and engineering in this piece has been considered and exquisitely hand made. The door construction uses carbon fibre laminations to create light compound curves. The ash has then been bent to fit, an extremely complex and precarious process that required numerous mock-ups before the technique was perfected. The unique adjustable and elegant stainless steel work on both the door hinges and crater mounts fully maintain the piece’s alignment.

And for those who might ask if there is a function, it is a key cabinet. Behind the craters are bent stainless steel key hooks, fashioned like little satellites spinning off into space, themselves part of the whole composition.

About Rupert Senior

Rupert Senior is one of the UK’s foremost bespoke furniture designers and makers with over 35 years’ experience and 16 Guild Marks awarded by The Furniture Makers’ Company, including the 2018 Claxton Stevens Prize for the best Bespoke Guild Mark piece for the Logmore Table, a private commission.

Based out of his design studio in the Surrey Hills, Rupert creates unique furniture driven by a strong artistic idea using outstanding British craftsmanship and materials. To achieve this he teams his own acknowledged area of expertise in wood with that of other artist-craftsmen with a similar vision and drive for excellence in disciplines as wide ranging as precision engineering, stone masonry, glass and upholstery.

Recent commissions include the award winning Knole Table for the Palace at Knole, Sevenoaks – an extending 3-6 metre dining table in 5,000 year old bog oak, English marbles and bronze; and the sculptural Tree Table seating 12-14 made of abstracted and condensed tree shapes in solid oak with a glass top.

The studio is currently making a complete set of dining room furniture including a table to seat 14 in fumed oak, sideboard, table mats and upholstered chairs.

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