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IPM and senior warden attend launch event for teaching barn

Immediate Past Master Dr Tony Smart MBE and senior warden Dids McDonald attended the opening of a new teaching barn at the Sylva Wood Centre, part of charity the Sylva Foundation, earlier this month.

The opening of the teaching barn marks the start of an exciting new venture for the charity.

It has been designed to support learning in wood craft and to serve as a dedicated venue to help other education activities of the Sylva Foundation, such as talks and seminars to do with issues relating to woodland and environmental managements.

The Sylva Foundation celebrated the opening of the new barn with a reception and lunch on Wednesday 16 January.

Immediate Past Master Dr Tony Smart MBE said: “Sylva is a fascinating place and one that will be a future asset to help and support those students that wish to make a career in our industry.”

Joseph Bray, the new head of the wood school, said: “We plan to build a schools programme for those unable to access making on the school curriculum. We will provide workshops and skills training to students who cannot access this at college or university and we will continue the excellent work already started in providing support for graduates within the community of creative enterprises that make up our site.”

To find out more visit their website.