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An Inspired Collaboration

Silversmith Karen Wallace and furniture designer-maker Edward Wild have teamed up over the last 12 months to create a pair of truly unique candle sticks for this year’s Inspired exhibition (3-6 May).

The collaboration was born out of the pair’s desire to create something that reflected the intricacies of the individual strokes and marks made by craftspeople using natural ancient elements from the Earth.

The candlesticks’ columns have been made from 5,300 year old, deep black bog oak, which has been shaped and burnished exposing each cut of the maker’s blade.

The sconce is crafted from beaten and shaped silver, which has then been hand engraved – every cut of the hand and mark of the tool is visible. As the silver ages and develops a patina, the engraving will become more visible and dramatic.

An internationally renowned furniture maker, Edward’s work combines classical proportion and  design  with  skilled  craftsmanship,  creating  a  clean  contemporary style – from  intricate  jewellery  and  cufflink boxes  to  side tables and  display  cabinets. Each piece is designed and crafted by hand in his Devon workshop, including bespoke commissions, alongside a range of limited edition pieces.  Based in Glasgow, silversmith Karen Wallace trained as a jeweller, calligraphic hand engraver and hand engraver.

Karen has been apprenticed to and under the supervision of the world famous master engraver Malcolm Appleby, enabling Karen her to gain a wide range of technical skills using a variety of metals and precious stones. Her work combines these skills to create contemporary silverware, noted for its’ expertly detailed engraving.

Inspired is the luxury contemporary silverware and furniture selling showcase at the Goldsmiths Centre during London Craft Week.

This leading exhibition, now in its fifth year, brings together some of the UK’s finest and up-and-coming silversmiths and furniture makers in one unique curated platform.