Top: Hannah Flowers, Daren Newton, Tia Owen, Chris Lamerton, Bryony Hancock and Matt Hill
Bottom: Senior Warden David Woodward,  Master Dids Macdonald OBE,  and Second Assistant Brian Ahern


We are very pleased to welcome six new freemen to the Company.

Hannah Flowers, Bryony Hancock, Matthew Hill, Chris Lamerton, Daren Newton and Tia Owens were admitted as freemen at an admissions ceremony at London Metropolitan University on 23 October 2019.

Dids Macdonald OBE, Master, said: “Congratulations to our six new freemen – you are most welcome in our livery. You bring with you not only a wealth of talent and skills but I witnessed a real desire to immerse yourselves in our activities, network and have fun.”

Profiles of our new freemen are below.


Hannah Flowers
Hannah Flowers is a solicitor with McDaniel & Co Solicitors. Hannah has been in her role for two years. She works alongside many different types of people in the furnishing industry to protect designs through the filing of registered design applications.


Bryony Hancock
Bryony is an exhibition and display designer with 4D Projects. Bryony was shortlisted for the Young Furniture Makers Design Award and exhibited at our 2019 Young Furniture Makers exhibition.


Matthew Hill
Matthew is an assistant furniture designer with deVol Kitchens. Matthew graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Furniture and Product Design. In 2018 he exhibited at the Young Furniture Makers exhibition and won the 2018 Young Furniture Makers Innovation Award.


Chris Lamerton

Chris is the principal lecturer and product design department manager at Nottingham Trent University. Chris is also the senior design director at Lamerton Design.


Daren Newton
Daren is a director and co-founder at Media 10 Ltd. Media 10 runs design exhibitions Clerkenwell Design Week and 100% Design, among others. It is also the publisher of Grand Designs, Icon and On Office, among others. Daren previously published Blueprint magazine, FX magazine and FMX magazine.


Tia Owen
Tia is director at Zultra Designs and Willow Leaf Gifts. Prior to this, Tia completed the nine-month professional course at Peter Sefton Furniture School.


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