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Her Master’s Voice – Passion for People

Reaching out to those in need is difficult if no-one knows about us. Therefore, being advocates to help us reach grassroots is so important.

Only recently, after my blog on some of the difficulties facing parents managing to occupy their children during summer holidays, a request for some financial help for a couple of days at a summer camp for kids came through.

And this was only because Parker Knoll, one of our corporate members, had become a One Step Champion, ensuring that every one of their employees is aware of our welfare support.

One step is all it takes for another person to know that The Furniture Makers’ Company is here to help from a minor hiccup to a major disaster.

What do some of our One Step Champion companies say about being involved?

Alistair Gough, CEO of OCEE Design, said of the campaign: “Ocee Design is delighted to be supporting the One step at a Time campaign as it directly supports one of our core company values, ‘Passion for People’.

“This very important initiative has enabled us to highlight the financial support available from The Furniture Makers’ Company to our employees who find themselves with unexpected expenditure and require some additional assistance”.

Kevin Grix, CEO of The Furniture Ombudsman, said: “We are proud to be supporting the Furniture Makers’ One Step at a Time welfare campaign. It’s a vital service and can be a lifeline for those who have contributed to our sector. We need to raise the profile of this fantastic cause to ensure those who need support can access help.”

Karen Clarridge, group head of HR at Whitemeadow Furniture, said: “During hard times, which, let’s face it, we all go through at some time or another during our lives, we can’t have enough support and the help available from The Furniture Makers’ Company enhances the support given by Whitemeadow Furniture to our employees.”


How can we measure success?

As the campaign starts to gather pace, I am delighted to say that we now have 19 companies signed up, reaching 5700 employees. This is a great start but there is still a bit of a journey to reach 100 companies and many thousands within our industry by May 2020.

Is it onerous to become involved?

No! It is a few simple communication tick boxes and once included on new employees’ payslips, in staff newsletters, on noticeboards, on your website, induction packs performance management meetings, appraisals, board meetings staff conferences, common areas, staff canteens, it is there for good.

As a caring employer, letting people know about this is a no-brainer!

Why are some smaller companies not becoming involved?

Some smaller companies, which are connected to the industry and some of the strongest advocates, haven’t signed up because they feel they have too few employees. This is not just about numbers but advocates, and our industry is more than just the manufacturers and retailers making and selling furniture, it’s the service organisations as well. Every single One Step Champion voice matters because a collective voice is a louder voice.

Will you join us and become a One Step Champion?

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