Photograph shows First Prize winning Console Table from the One Piece Series by Marc Fish


The annual Cheltenham Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design featured yet again an exciting display of the very best designer makers in the UK.

Master David Dewing, Past Master Christopher Claxton Stevens and Bespoke Guild Mark committee member Sean Feeney judged the show and were unanimous in their choice of the three winners.

The First Prize of £500 went to Marc Fish for his One Piece Series – Console Table, which was considered ingenious, innovative, bold, sophisticated and dramatic, with good attention to detail.

Matthew Burt was Highly Commended for his Poise Walnut Armchair, which was elegant and comfortable, with smooth-flowing clean lines, well-selected timber and good use of coopering.

Recent graduate Charles Byron was Highly Commended for his Log Stack Cabinet, which also won one of the Alan Peters’ Awards for Excellence at the show.  The judges felt it was very cleverly conceived by someone who has recently left college, showing creative thinking incombining different drawer shapes, good use of end-grain veneers, attention to detail such as drawer-linings and subtle raising on small feet.


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