Manufacturing Guild Mark holders


To be a Manufacturing Guild Mark holder is to represent the absolute best in UK British furnishing manufacturing.

Sponsored by Lectra, the Manufacturing Guild Mark has been the mark of excellence, distinguishing Britain’s top furnishing manufacturers, since 1993.

Retailers, specifiers, distributors and customers sourcing and buying furniture from a Manufacturing Guild Mark holder can rest easy knowing that the company has achieved exemplary standards.

Unlike other Guild Marks, the Manufacturing Guild Mark is awarded to the company and not a specific product or product range. It is also only open to those who manufacture most of their products in the UK – whether they make upholstered or cabinet furniture, kitchens or office furniture, contemporary or traditional styles.

Manufacturing Guild Mark holders  may also be companies producing for the mass market or High Street, just as much as it might go to high end producers. Excellence doesn’t have to mean only the most exclusive or expensive products.