The Master’s Challenge: Mont Ventoux

Are you a keen cyclist or looking for a challenge to test yourself?

Master Hayden Davies has thrown down the gauntlet and is looking for team members for the 2018 Master’s Challenge, cycling up Mont Ventoux, Provence.

The Masters’ Challenge is taking place from 11-14 September and will see up to 20 riders cycle from Marseille to Sault before undertaking a relay challenge at Mont Ventoux and then cycling to Avignon.

The relay challenge will involve members of the team cycling up each of the three stages of the mountain and then descending. As soon as the first rider arrives, the second will be tagged and set off for the top. The exercise is then repeated for the third ascent.

Master Hayden Davies said: “There is no escaping the iconic Mont Ventoux when in Provence. The ‘Giant of Provence’, as it is known by the Tour de France competitors, dominates the skyline for miles around.

“Those who have aspirations to become ‘Kings of the Mountain’ can tackle all three routes, but those with lesser experience or ability can cycle a single ascent. This is intended as a team event and success will be measured by the team as a whole completing all three runs in one day.”

Each member of the team is expected to raise a minimum of £500 for The Furniture Makers’ Company.

How to get involved

If you would like to take part in the challenge, please download a Registration Form and return it to Richard Ainsworth, head of fundraising, at  For those unable to take part in the challenge, we’ve compiled a variety of ways to show your support, which are detailed opposite.