The Furniture Makers’ Company encourages talent with our extensive education programme, working with school children, students and young professionals across a range of industry activities.

Moe Redish, a Furniture & Product Design student at the London Metropolitan University/CASS, received a bursary in 2017, financed by our Royal Charter Fund.

The Royal Charter Fund was launched in 2015 in commemoration of Her Majesty the Queen granting the Company with a Royal Charter in 2013.

The fund helps aid students who are studying a furnishing related course at a college or university and have aspirations of working in the furniture industry.

Moe was awarded a bursary during his final year of study.

Moe said: “The bursary allowed me to focus even more time on my studies and meant when it came to producing a piece of work, I was able to buy all the necessary materials without cutting corners to keep the costs down.”

Having now graduated, Moe plans on starting a furniture making company with a group of fellow designers or on his own. His ambitions will pave the way for future furniture makers and others in the furnishing industry.

He added: The bursary was an amazing help to me. It allowed me to focus solely on the course and achieve the most I possibly could from the final year of my degree.”