The cost of higher education continues to rise, which is why scholarships and bursaries are needed more than ever.

A graduate of 3D Design at Brighton University, Freyja Sewell is a designer who benefitted from a Furniture Makers’ Company MA Bursary, which was sponsored by KI.

Much of Freyja’s work is aimed at facilitating privacy and mindfulness within our increasingly hectic and connected world. She explores this though both traditional furniture and cutting edge technologies, creating spaces and tools for increased metacognition and mental wellbeing.

Freyja returned to London after two years living and working in Tokyo to undertake an MA at the Royal College of Art (RCA). It was during her studies there that she was awarded a bursary by the Company to support her education.

Freyja praised the bursary saying it had a positive affect on her final year at the RCA.

“It was the gift of creative freedom, as I was able to access the materials and processes I needed to complete my work as I thought best, rather than being over constrained on budget and compromising the quality of my output.”

She has now completed her Masters at the RCA but her work continues.

Freyja said: “I have met some great people through the bursary, and look forward to many years of enjoyable discussions, work and friendship. I want to thank KI and The Furniture Makers’ Company for their generous support, it was invaluable!”