The furnishing industry needs skilled and talented designers, makers, merchandisers and managers in order to maintain the competitive edge in today’s international market.

Our vision at The Furniture Makers’ Company is to create a wide ranging education programme that will help to support and nurture young talent for the future. With multiple avenues available through both academic and vocational education, it is important that our educational initiatives are diverse and wide ranging in order to support to as many young people as possible.

Young Furniture Makers Logo

The Young Furniture Makers is the student facing brand that encompasses our all of our educational efforts. It is a free to join group open to all young people, run by our student members. It provides them with valuable information and networking opportunities with our more senior members, who come from all sectors of the furnishing industry, and vitally allows them to interact with all our unique initiatives.

Our programme of activity is growing fast, starting with awareness raising in schools, through to helping students at all levels, developing more apprenticeships and giving young professionals invaluable experience to help them kick start their careers.




We work with schools to build the foundations of confidence and aspiration in young people, inspiring them to choose a career in the furnishing industry


We award grants to a number of colleges and universities on a yearly basis for students studying a furnishing course. The money could be spent on materials, prizes, end of year shows, or anything that will directly benefit students


We pair key companies within the industry with colleges and universities so that students can work on real projects, with real end results


Our apprenticeship scheme for occupational skills is growing fast, giving young people the chance to work at operational level and become future supervisors and managers


Graduates and young professionals starting a career can learn about the entire furnishing supply chain on our unique industry experience course