Daniel's story

Daniel was in his twenties when he was first diagnosed with cancer. At the age of 33, he had to have brain surgery for a new tumour, followed by 12 months of chemotherapy.

He and his partner, Jade, were in real financial difficulties while he was off work recuperating. The couple had been living in a rented flat, which was cold and damp and in a busy, noisy street.

The low door frames on the property also posed a risk to Daniel following his brain surgery. The council found them a more suitable housing association property. However, all their savings had been exhausted and they could not afford to pay the advance rent prior to moving in.

They were very worried about how they would manage and turned to The Furniture Makers’ Company for support. Having worked as a cabinet maker for 10 years and now employed as a Corian fabricator for Unique Fabrication, Daniel qualified for a grant.

Daniel was delighted when we agreed to help, and he and his partner are now settled in their new flat. He is feeling much less stressed and better able to cope with the difficult times ahead as he continues his treatment.

Daniel was delighted when we agreed to help