Ann's story

Ann’s husband Ron spent his entire career working for Utility Furnishings in Edmonton.

Deaf since the age of seven following meningitis, Ron went to a special school where woodwork was his passion. He began work with the company as soon as he left school.

The couple met when Ann was only 15, getting engaged when she reached 16. She was able to help Ron communicate, telling him what people were saying and helping him to follow the plot when they went to see a film.

When Ron’s health began to deteriorate and he could no longer work, our charity was able to help with a small regular grant which was a huge relief to the couple.

Sadly, after several operations, Ron passed away but Ann was relieved to know that our support would continue, especially as her own health was beginning to deteriorate. She now has curvature of the spine and with our help, she was able to buy an adjustable bed so she can have a good night’s rest.

Although housebound and in chronic pain, Ann keeps cheerful with the help of her faithful companion, cat Tiddles, and loving and supportive family and friends.

“I like to remember every day all the ways in which I am lucky,” she says. “Having The Furniture Makers’ Company as one of my friends means a lot to me.”