Greg’s story

Greg has been working as a joiner and cabinet maker for the last 18 years and now runs his own business making bespokefurniture and fitted kitchens.

Following a relationship breakdown nearly six years ago, he was struggling to manage to support himself and his daughter, who was living with her mother.

Despite health problems and stress, he continued to work but fell into substantial debt and eventually realised he required some expert advice in order to get back on the right path.

The debt advisor helped him to establish a sustainable plan going forward but suggested that he contact The Furniture Makers’ Company with his most urgent issue, which was paying off his rent arrears to avoid losing his home.

Our welfare officer quickly assessed Greg’s needs and marked his case as a priority so we could immediately help him with a grant to get his rent up to date and prevent him becoming homeless.

Greg was very relieved and told us: “The grant came as wonderful news at a moment when I was in dire straits. I was really struggling to meet my monthly outgoings and the support came at just the right time. I cannot thank you enough.”