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MGM holder invests in new technology

Manufacturing Guild Mark holder Burbidge has invested in new machinery to help the company increase its output of painted designs.

The Coventry based business, which is celebrating 150 years of success in 2017, has installed a new painting facility into its Awson Street factory, where it produces all its timber ranges.

Traditionally carrying out large scale production of a few paint colours, alongside its finest natural oak and superior quality laminate ranges, Burbidge has seen an ever-increasing demand for bespoke and painted-to-order kitchens.

Whilst already specialising in bespoke services, these products have all previously been hand-sprayed. The new machinery, which was introduced earlier this year, will allow Burbidge to increase its production of small batches of painted product in any of its popular colours faster than it could produce them by hand, but with the same high quality finish. It will also reduce downtime between paint colour changes, meaning much leaner working practices overall.

Burbidge managing director Ben Burbidge said: “This investment in new machinery for our painted ranges and new product developments is significant and, in our 150th year, will mark a new era for the business as we work hard to meet customer demand and a constantly changing landscape in the world of interiors. We’re very excited about the future.”