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Furniture Makers’ Company launches welfare campaign with new charity poster

We are appealing to the entire sector to support our 2018 welfare campaign by hanging our new poster to help spread the word that we can support industry workers past and present if they have fallen on hard times.

The new A3 poster features the message ‘WE CAN HELP YOU’ in a large, bold typeface, with the word HELP given extra prominence by being written in blue – the colour of trust.

The charity is calling on employers within the industry to get behind the initiative and hang copies of the poster in offices, factories and other designated staff areas.

Jonny Westbrooke, CEO of The Furniture Makers’ Company, said: “The furnishing industry employs around 250,000 people across manufacturing, retail, design and teaching, and in every sector from home, office and garden furniture, fabrics, carpets, flooring, and lighting, to wall coverings, kitchens, bathrooms, and interior design. And from time to time, someone will need financial assistance or advice.

“We have been supporting people working in the UK furnishing industry for more than 100 years but new people join every month. We want everyone in the industry to know that we are there for them if they fall on hard times.

“In order to achieve this, we need businesses large and small to support us to communicate this message to their employees by displaying the poster on factory floors, break rooms, back offices – anywhere that an employee will be able to see it and as a result know where to turn to for help.”

The Furniture Makers’ Company provides financial assistance to workers within the industry through grants that can go towards essential household items or bills, funeral expenses, property repairs, disabled and medical equipment, respite or convalescent breaks, general financial hardship or pre-tenancy costs and removal costs.

Copies of the poster can be downloaded from or requested by calling 020 7562 8522.