Export Award



What does the award represent?

Recent statistics indicate that the United Kingdom has a balance of trade deficit of £3.3 billion. The UK is the only major European country with a deficit.

The UK has a great tradition of fine furniture, bedding and furnishing design and manufacturing. While imitations are often manufactured overseas, there is an increasing demand for ‘the real thing’. Some support is provided by UK Trade & Investment and through the industry’s trade associations. However developing exports takes courage and determination.

The Furniture Makers’ Company is eager to encourage and reward fine export efforts and initiatives and promote them as an example to others. Through the award of The Furniture Makers’ Company Export Award, it is intended that the need to repair the UK’s balance of trade in furniture, bedding and furnishings is recognised.

While export is not yet one of the key criteria used when assessing eligibility for the ultimate select award of The Furniture Makers’ Company Manufacturing Guild Mark. it ties closely with it and entrants are encouraged to consider application for the Guild Mark. The Manufacturing Guild Mark has proved a valuable tool for those already experiencing significant export success.