Trevor’s story

Retiree Trevor’s spinal condition and osteoarthritis was severely limiting his mobility and leaving him feeling isolated and unable to go out and socialise.

He has a permanent colostomy following major surgery for bowel cancer.

Trevor has a motability car to enable him to get to the shops and to appointments.

However, he really needed a mobility scooter so that he could get out of the car and join his wife, who acts as his main carer.

Having investigated the cost of buying a scooter, Trevor applied to the charity for funds as he had no savings.

Trevor worked in carpet sales for 40 years so more than qualified for support from The Furniture Makers’ Company.

We were delighted to give him £900 to cover the cost.

Trevor was soon enjoying the freedom to go out when he wanted.

He said: “I’m mobile again and without pain. It’s brilliant!”

How to get in touch

For more information about applying for a welfare grant, please contact Robin Lomas, welfare officer, by emailing or by calling 020 7256 5558.